The story of gelato traces back to the ingenious invention by Procopio in the 1600s in Sicily. Centuries have passed since then, and in the picturesque town of Oliveri, gelato has evolved into a cherished tradition. It’s here that our journey begins. As natives of Oliveri, with a strong gelato culture, we grew up immersed in the artistry and flavours of this beloved dessert. Guided by our passion and driven by a desire to share the essence of Sicilian gelato with the world, we embarked on a journey across the Atlantic to the United States. Our gelato chef, a master of the art, has honed his skills over many years, perfecting recipes that capture the essence of authentic Sicilian flavours. In Sicily, gelato isn’t just a dessert—it’s a way of life, and our commitment to preserving this tradition shines through in every product we make. Join us on a journey through taste and tradition as we bring the real gelato of Sicily to your doorstep.


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