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Indulge in a symphony of Sicilian flavors with our exquisite range of gelato offerings, meticulously crafted to delight the senses and transport you to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily. From our signature Tartufo gelato, featuring combinations of chocolate and hazelnut with a decadent liquid chocolate center, to our tantalizing tiramisu gelato dessert, every bite is a celebration of flavor and tradition. Whether you’re seeking individual servings of gelato for your restaurant or tubs to stock your gelateria, we offer a diverse selection to suit your needs. Explore classic favorites like chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut, and pistachio, or indulge in our innovative creations like cheesecake with assorted flavor centers. Elevate your dessert offerings with our authentic Sicilian gelato, made with love and a touch of Oliveri’s finest tradition.


Restaurants, retails, Hotels, Caterers etc.

For restaurants and retailers eager to elevate their dessert offerings with the authentic taste of Sicilian gelato, look no further. Our gelato products are crafted with care and tradition, delivering a burst of flavor that will delight your customers’ palates. Whether you’re looking to stock our gelato tubs or offer our gelato desserts at your restaurant, we’re here to cater to your needs. Contact us today to place your order and discover why our Sicilian gelato is a must-have addition to any menu or retail display. We can discuss best and custom solutions for you.

- Gelato & Sorbets -

Only some of the most popular gelato flavors. Anything not on the list can be made custom


Choccolate, Cane Sugar, Milk.


100% Hazelnut cream, Milk, Cane Sugar.

Strawberry Sorbet

Real Strawberry, Cane Sugar, Water.


Made with real 100% pistacchio, milk, cane sugar.


Fior di latte with vanilla extract, Milk, Cane Sugar.

Salted Caramel

Milk, Cane Sugar, Caramel, Salt.

- Gelato Desserts -

Retail/Food service


Our classic choccolate tartufo with a warm choccolate liquid center.


Hazelnut gelato with center of warm liquid choccolate and covered in hazelnuts.


Pistacchio gelato covered in Pistacchio with warm liquid choccolate center.


Cheesecake gelato with assorted liquid center and crumble on the outside.

Dark Orange Choccolate

Choccolate gelato with orange extract covered with cocoa powder.


Classic Fior di latte gelato with amerana soft center and liquid amarena on top.

- Packaging Options -

Retail/Food service


5 litres/1.3 gallons

Perfect to serve scoops of gelato in your restaurant


1 litres/32 fl.oz

Tubs can be used in small restaurants or retail


10 dessert box

Easy to store in your freezer. Best temperature for fast serving and to keep the quality of the product is zero degrees fahrenheit.